Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learn How To Instantly Last Longer In Bed

What is Premature Ejaculation?
Rapid climax, early ejaculation, premature ejaculation, whatever you call it, it’s a problem plaguing hundreds of men, although many might not admit it. That’s because ever since ancient times sexual performance has been linked to a man’s virility and masculinity. It’s easy to understand then why a man might want to avoid talking about his ejaculation concerns, either with his partner or anyone else. However, premature ejaculation is actually the most common sexual problem faced by men. Whether it is a persistent concern, or just an occasional incident, most men have reported having some trouble with controlling their ejaculation at one point or another.

Recent polls have shown that the average length of intercourse is usually anywhere between 2 to 12 minutes. Most often those diagnosed with premature ejaculation climax in less than a minute or two, and there are even those who ejaculate before there is any sort of penetration. In all actuality, “too short” is really just a matter of opinion. The most important factor is if a man feels that he is unable to control his ejaculation and is frequently climaxing before he would like. Any man who feels that this is a problem for him may be suffering from some form of premature ejaculation.

When a man is suffering from premature ejaculation, he is often climaxing before his partner and in the case of most men it is difficult if not impossible for them to continue intercourse after ejaculating. That’s because chemicals are released when a man ejaculates and these are the same chemicals that make a person feel sleepy and/or not aroused. It’s not that they have suddenly lost interest; just their brain is telling them that the sex is over. This effect is more prominent after intercourse than after masturbation because intercourse actually causes four times more of these chemicals to be released. If premature ejaculation occurs frequently, it can lead to embarrassment for the man and sexual frustration for both partners.

Most often premature ejaculation occurs in younger men, but it can affect men of all ages. There could be a number of different reasons for the problems, both physical and psychological. The good news is that there are certain solutions available that have proven effective, such as the Ejaculation Trainer, which can show a man how to develop permanent ejaculation control. By successfully addressing a man’s ejaculation concerns and teaching him how to control it, he will quickly become more confident and both he and his partner will be much more satisfied.

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  1. How To Last Longer In Bed When Nothing Else Works-

    There’s a certain embarrassing rite of passage that almost every man will experience at one point in his life, usually in his younger, less experienced years. Many of us already know the pain of this particular humiliation, but very few of us would ever be willing to bring it up in conversation. For those who have been through this unpleasant experience it’s a source of shame, and for those who have not it’s a source of deep and abiding fear. We're talking, of course, about premature ejaculation; a terror so profound that most men make it their life’s work to learn how to last longer in bed.

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