Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Foods to increase stamina

 Foods that are high in protein and contain specific nutrients can help you concentrate for longer periods of time. Eat at the right time can also help you stay productive. These nutrients can improve concentration, and you can make your own choices in the form of snacks sold in the market to remain focus and concentration throughout the day.

1. Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat products such as cereals, whole grain crackers or bread wheat is the main source of healthy carbohydrates and may also increase the concentration in the morning and afternoon. People who eat a healthy breakfast such as whole grains can concentrate, be alert and also has the ability to solve problems better.
2. Sweet potato
Other foods rich in carbohydrates and antioxidants are sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes contain a healthy dose of carbohydrates without causing a sugar spike. This energy flow can help you stay focused for hours and will also maintain energy levels.
3. Spinach
Rich in antioxidants, minerals and iron, spinach is one of the vegetables to make a powerful way to improve concentration. You can eat spinach in almost every hour to eat, for example, mix spinach into an omelet or a sandwich in the morning and make it clear vegetable at lunch time or evening.
4. Eggs

Egg breakfast will make you start the day well. The content of choline and other nutrients contained in the egg can improve brain function. Eating eggs regularly could also protect the brain from degenerative disease.
5. Tuna and salmon
Fatty fish are a source of omega-3 fatty acids and plays an important role in cognitive function. Eating foods high in omega-3 will keep you focused and protect the brain against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
6. Red beans

Vitamin B thiamin on red beans can reduce the symptoms of depression, mood disorders and also maintain excellent cognitive function. Add kidney beans as a salad in the evening to contain nutrients and fiber in a productive afternoon. You can also enjoy the red beans for dinner to improve the working of the brain in the next day.


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