Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is This Your Life?

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you feel like a slave to someone’s  business…
Do you always feel this way when you are at work?
Or getting up and dreading to make that long commute to work 5, 6, or 7 days a week?
I don’t know what your personal situation is.
Maybe… you’re out on the street looking at this page from a Library public computer…and have no income.
Maybe… you are getting paid minimum wage and working your butt off.

Maybe… you’re working at two or three jobs, and still only making a survival wage but working yourself into an early grave, just to sustain a better lifestyle for your family and yourself.
Maybe… you’re one of the lucky few that is making a middle class wage but are worried about how long it is going to last in the present economy.
And maybe… you’ve just lost your job… And you know that even if you qualify for unemployment…it is not going to last forever… And finding a job like the one you had before with full benefits is going to be next to impossible to land…
Do you think…
“I wish I could find the answer to getting out of this rat race…and make all the money I could ever want…with plenty of passive income coming in…and from the comfort of my home…so I can spend more time with my family.”

Do you see yourself as a failure–doomed to be economic slave until you are used up, with nothing left but the growing older and waiting to die?
That’s not much to look forward to, is it?
You already know Social Security is a thing of the past and not likely be there for you.
And will family and friends support you right to the end of your life?
If you know for a fact that they will be your lifeline…you are indeed one of the fortunate few.
Or are they the kind of people, even sons and daughters that will kick you to the curb, or stick you in a nursing home, without a second thought…
Perhaps as Many as 40,000,000 Americans
Have Given Up Their Financial Independence…
And are on the state’s welfare system. Or are on unemployment. Or even worse…
But maybe you also dream of self-reliance–of standing honorably on your own two feet, with the income coming in to support support your family and give them a better and brighter future. Or maybe it is just you, now, and you want to remain self-supporting as you grow older, without having to depend on social security, welfare, medicaid, the state or family and friends.
One day soon you could find yourself looking back at your former corporate farm animal existence and in a position to reach out to help others who are thinking just like you did… “I wish I could find the answer to getting out of this rat race…and make all the money I could ever want…working from the comfort of my home…”

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