Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Wife,,Happy Life !!

I completely co-sign the idea that if you are planning on getting married or if you are currently married, you should subscribe to the theory “Happy wife, Happy life” because that’s one of the realest statements about the state of your current or future relationship that you will ever hear. The problem is, most dudes get married thinking it will be a relationship of 100% complete reciprocity and compromise – which it KIND of will be – because as the MAN you will be compromising 100% of your ass to make and keep her happy.
There is NO REAL compromise in a marriage between a man and a woman [YES, you heard me right]. A successful marriage is predicated on the happiness and satisfaction of the WOMAN, while the man’s happiness and satisfaction is supposed to be a by-product of his woman’s happiness and NOT the actual circumstances of the marriage. Whether you like or dislike that thought, that is essentially the CRUX of the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” ideology. That phrase is an addendum to your marriage contract that OVERRULES anything that the MAN may possibly want for himself or even want to compromise on.
Man: “Hey baby, I thought for our monthly vacations we have coming up next year, maybe instead of trying to come to a consensus on every single destination, we can choose one month where we get to each decide where we wanna go. I was thinking you could decide a place in January, and I could decide a place in February since I want to go with you to Orlando during the NBA All-Star weekend.”
Woman: “Um, excuse you? You want me to just “choose” some random place in January just so you can drag me to the NBA All-Star game when you know I don’t give two sh*ts about basketball. Negro, please!”
Man: “Look woman, you are choosing ALL the damn places we are going to visit and of all 12 cities, I just want to have this ONE trip!”
*Woman slaps down “Happy Wife, Happy Life” card*
Woman: “Nigga I said we’re NOT going to the goddamn BASKETBALL GAME!”
Man: Heavy sigh “Yes dear…”
The fact is compromising your freedom within the framework of a marriage with a woman is like an inmate begging the Warden for extra time to stroll around in the yard and get fresh air. You gotta beg to get the thing you once were able to do freely, and at the end of the day you are still in a situation where your sorry-ass has NO real authority.
Now I already know the married people reading this are getting their BVD’s in a bunch, so let me state this unequivocally: Marriage is NOT a bad thing and when you find the RIGHT person, it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. I am NOT even trying to steer anyone away from marriage – but I AM going to be 100% honest about the mindset it takes to make a marriage WORK. As her husband, you should be doing everything in your power to make her happy, and if you truly believe she is your QUEEN, then why wouldn’t you want to make all her dreams and wishes come true if you possibly can?
But just know this: NO one will be honest with you in letting you know making and keeping a woman happy is one of the most DIFFICULT tasks known to mankind. Women will SAY that they just need A, B, C, but the FACT is that after she gets all that, she will be on to D, E, F, and all the while your punk-ass will be going broke and insane trying to acquiesce to your alpha-wife’s continual demands. So yes, your happy wife will lead to a HAPPIER life for you, but if you think it means you will be as happy as she is, you’re in for a RUDE awakening.
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